My Pick of the Week: Stella McCartney Pumps + Alexander McQueen Platform Shoes

OK, let’s get this out there right now: I LOVE shoes. Especially high heels. God, do I adore high heels. They may cripple my feet someday when I’m old, but you know what? I don’t care. I refuse to give up my shoe addiction.

This week, I have two picks of the week because I adored two pairs of shoes so much. The first is a two-tone pair of Stella McCarntey pumps. Made from faux patent leather, the 4.5 inch heels are classy and sleek – something you could wear to the office or to the red carpet. The part that fastens around your ankle is a light tan color, while the part around your toes is as black as the night sky. The only flaw? The price tag. Really? For $785 I can’t get them made from real leather? Check them out at 

My other pick is a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes. These are more out-there…but I love them anyway. I think that sometimes the best shoes are the odd, jaw-dropping ones! These shoes have the Lady Gaga-ish style of no heels, but are still held in the shape of a pump style shoe with support at the back of the shoe. They are hard to describe….you can see them at

And only $1050…what a steal (not). Man, I really need to win the lottery…….

Tell me what you think of my picks…I love to hear different opinions on things!


On the Edge of Disappointment: Lady Gaga’s new, simple video

Go ahead, admit it. When you were sitting in front of the computer on Youtube for the “Edge of Glory” video, you were expecting lots of strange things – edges of cliffs, blades, outer space, etc.  You were picturing strange outfits, lots of backup dancers and maybe a fire bra (see “Bad Romance”), maybe some Great Danes  (see “Poker Face”), or maybe a murder of a former lover (see “Paparazzi”, “Bad Romance”,  and “Telephone”). But Gaga did it again – she surprised you by doing the unthinkable. She made a normal video.

The “Edge of Glory” video, which showcases only Gaga and the now late Clarence Clemons, is simple. There aren’t really any hidden themes, underlying meanings or symbols, but rather the message of “If I was with you, I’d dance up and down the streets of the city with little clothing on.” Which of course, is exactly what she does during the whole video. The entire production is five minutes of frolicking down city streets and jamming on the emergency exit stairs – without even a single costume change (although the one Versace outfit she wears the whole time is fabulous). Naturally, most people – even little monsters – were bored. In the crazy-out-there world of Gaga, this was shockingly……normal. Of course the video does have some regular Gaga video requirements. New wig? Check. Lots of close-ups on her face? Check. Suggestive dance moves? Check.

  But, of course, I watched the video more before passing my final jurisdiction. Second and third views reveal perhaps the point of the video: Gaga’s made it big and she’s living it up with her best friend, New York. That’s it. No dancers, murder, or innumerous costume changes needed. If you watch her kiss the ground and dance of the fire exits with a little smile creeping on her face, you’ll see it too. Is it a little mild for her? Yes. Is it typical?  Absolutely not – but then again, none of her work ever is.

Dior plus, s’il vous plait (More Dior Please)!

As July comes to a close, August begins and thoughts of cooler fall weather and its classy couture dance in our heads. Longer dresses, light sweaters and jackets have to come out again, and the sandals are put away, if not replaced next year’s styles (oh, how short the life of a shoe can be!) Alas, let there be content throughout the land! The latest fall styles of Dior are fabulous – and reusable. This fall, Dior’s collections are not only retro phenomenal, but also neutral for many winter outfits.

Feathers, furs, and lace dominate the looks of the many pieces of Dior’s new collections, along with the various indescribable headpieces (including what I can best describe as a “fluffy white thing” on many of the models’ heads ). Dior’s new handbags are also a sensational accessory that polish outfits without taking attention away from the rest of your clothes.  The jackets and sweaters of the new collection have a certain air of the 1960s, yet still manage to have the ambiguity to be used in either season (or perhaps even early spring). So let your wardrobe (and your wallet) rejoice!  You are now free to show off your Dior couture throughout the seasons.

Don’t take my word for it, check it out at Click on “Ready-to-Wear” and then “Fall 2011 Collection.”

The Curse Gets Worse: Amy Winehouse Passes Away at Age 27

It was another tragedy that everyone was expecting, yet stunned by.  Just this past weekend, Amy Winehouse’s pedestal crumbled from underneath her as she was found dead at her residence in London. Notorious for her sharp vocals, as well as her sassy attitude, she was undoubtedly the best jazz musician of the new millennium. With two albums and five Grammys to her name, Winehouse kept jazz alive in an age dominated by pop and rap music. Despite the fact that the official cause of death is unknown at this time, many people speculate that her drug addiction finally got the best of her. It seemed obvious that Winehouse was beginning to spiral downhill – she had to cancel her European tour last month due to her lack of awareness on stage (at a concert in Belgrade, Serbia, she was reportedly stumbling around stage and thought she was in Athens). To give Winehouse the benefit of the doubt, no drugs were found at the scene of her death, and her doctor claimed that she seemed relatively healthy the day before she died. Regardless of the cause of death, the world has lost another young musician at the ripe young age of 27.

 The number 27 should sent shivers up the spine of any music fan that knows her history (the “27 curse”). Where shall I begin?  September 18, 1970 – the world loses Jimi Hendrix. October 3,1970 – Janis Joplin dies. July 3, 1971 – Jim Morrison passes. All at age 27. Coincidence? Maybe. Freaky? Absolutely. What is it about that age that made all of these musicians kiss life goodbye? Have they overindulged in the life of fame and fortune one too many times?  Have they dug holes too deep for themselves to get out of? Could their bodies not handle the wear and tear of the toxins forced upon it? Or did the guy that lives upstairs just decide that they had no more left to give?

Strange, isn’t it? We know that people die. We hear about it 24/7 on TV. We see it in movies. We read about in newspapers. And then something happens like this happens we just kind of sit there with this befuddled look on our faces like “What? But (insert celebrity name here) was so feisty and full of life. They were so alive. This didn’t just happen.”  But it did just happen. Amy’s beehive hair and tattoo covered body was cremated and buried this Tuesday, and now we’ll never see her sassy soul sing again. However, we still have her records – which, of course the world seems to have just remembered that they exist, due to the fact that her album sales have spiked for probably the first time since she took home her five Grammys in 2008.

As always, society forgets the importance of something until its gone forever. This time last week critics thought of Amy as a washed up musician. Now that she’s gone, she’s a phenomenal jazz artist. It’s interesting what dying can do for you. It silences your critics, promotes your work and boosts you to unfathomable levels of fame. Too bad that you’ll just never be around to see it.

Tears and prayers to Amy Winehouse and her family and friends. She was the only musician to ever make my rock and roll soul enjoy jazz.

Welcome to the pop culture express!

If Fashion=Art and Music=Art, then Fashion=Music. Didn’t you learn that in math class?

Sure fashion is something you wear, and music is something listen to, but aren’t they both beautiful forms of self-expression? They both free us from the boundaries of reality…and expose us to the wonders of fantasy.

My purpose of wrtitng this blog is to write about the incredible (and not so incredible) pieces of art that influence us today. And of course to eventually prove that fashion indeed does equal music. Stick around for my take on all forms of art – music, fashion, theater, and architecture – and anything else that pops into my mind.