Dior plus, s’il vous plait (More Dior Please)!

As July comes to a close, August begins and thoughts of cooler fall weather and its classy couture dance in our heads. Longer dresses, light sweaters and jackets have to come out again, and the sandals are put away, if not replaced next year’s styles (oh, how short the life of a shoe can be!) Alas, let there be content throughout the land! The latest fall styles of Dior are fabulous – and reusable. This fall, Dior’s collections are not only retro phenomenal, but also neutral for many winter outfits.

Feathers, furs, and lace dominate the looks of the many pieces of Dior’s new collections, along with the various indescribable headpieces (including what I can best describe as a “fluffy white thing” on many of the models’ heads ). Dior’s new handbags are also a sensational accessory that polish outfits without taking attention away from the rest of your clothes.  The jackets and sweaters of the new collection have a certain air of the 1960s, yet still manage to have the ambiguity to be used in either season (or perhaps even early spring). So let your wardrobe (and your wallet) rejoice!  You are now free to show off your Dior couture throughout the seasons.

Don’t take my word for it, check it out at http://www.diorcouture.com/us/dior_us.html. Click on “Ready-to-Wear” and then “Fall 2011 Collection.”


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