My Pick of the Week: Stella McCartney Pumps + Alexander McQueen Platform Shoes

OK, let’s get this out there right now: I LOVE shoes. Especially high heels. God, do I adore high heels. They may cripple my feet someday when I’m old, but you know what? I don’t care. I refuse to give up my shoe addiction.

This week, I have two picks of the week because I adored two pairs of shoes so much. The first is a two-tone pair of Stella McCarntey pumps. Made from faux patent leather, the 4.5 inch heels are classy and sleek – something you could wear to the office or to the red carpet. The part that fastens around your ankle is a light tan color, while the part around your toes is as black as the night sky. The only flaw? The price tag. Really? For $785 I can’t get them made from real leather? Check them out at 

My other pick is a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes. These are more out-there…but I love them anyway. I think that sometimes the best shoes are the odd, jaw-dropping ones! These shoes have the Lady Gaga-ish style of no heels, but are still held in the shape of a pump style shoe with support at the back of the shoe. They are hard to describe….you can see them at

And only $1050…what a steal (not). Man, I really need to win the lottery…….

Tell me what you think of my picks…I love to hear different opinions on things!


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