On the Edge of Disappointment: Lady Gaga’s new, simple video

Go ahead, admit it. When you were sitting in front of the computer on Youtube for the “Edge of Glory” video, you were expecting lots of strange things – edges of cliffs, blades, outer space, etc.  You were picturing strange outfits, lots of backup dancers and maybe a fire bra (see “Bad Romance”), maybe some Great Danes  (see “Poker Face”), or maybe a murder of a former lover (see “Paparazzi”, “Bad Romance”,  and “Telephone”). But Gaga did it again – she surprised you by doing the unthinkable. She made a normal video.

The “Edge of Glory” video, which showcases only Gaga and the now late Clarence Clemons, is simple. There aren’t really any hidden themes, underlying meanings or symbols, but rather the message of “If I was with you, I’d dance up and down the streets of the city with little clothing on.” Which of course, is exactly what she does during the whole video. The entire production is five minutes of frolicking down city streets and jamming on the emergency exit stairs – without even a single costume change (although the one Versace outfit she wears the whole time is fabulous). Naturally, most people – even little monsters – were bored. In the crazy-out-there world of Gaga, this was shockingly……normal. Of course the video does have some regular Gaga video requirements. New wig? Check. Lots of close-ups on her face? Check. Suggestive dance moves? Check.

  But, of course, I watched the video more before passing my final jurisdiction. Second and third views reveal perhaps the point of the video: Gaga’s made it big and she’s living it up with her best friend, New York. That’s it. No dancers, murder, or innumerous costume changes needed. If you watch her kiss the ground and dance of the fire exits with a little smile creeping on her face, you’ll see it too. Is it a little mild for her? Yes. Is it typical?  Absolutely not – but then again, none of her work ever is.


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