We’re waiting, Gaga…..you really like the element of surprise, don’t you?

Come on, Lady Gaga! It’s been, like, months since you released your last music video. We’re losing our patience! Release the video for “YOU AND I” already!

Okay, so maybe it’s only been about 60 days since “The Edge of Glory” video came out…but still! When you write “The You and I video will be my 1000th tweet” on Twitter, you are asking for all of your fans to fall into extreme anxiety over  the new release. I can’t help but be reminded of your New Year’s Eve tweet that you were releasing Born This Way (the good news) and the end of MAY (the bad news). But enough of the bitterness… 

The song “You and I” will be her fourth single from her new album, Born This Way. The song was written about her now ex-boyfriend Luc Carl, whom she met when he was a bartender in New York.  However, because Luc was originally from Nebraska, the video was filmed right in Omaha (it also explains why she keeps referring to that “cool Nebraska guy” in the song).  Although she played the song on a piano last summer on “The Today Show”, the version she released on her album has an appropriate little twang of country. There she goes, pushing the boundaries of music. Again!

If the video release will be her 1000th tweet, then we are currently nine tweets away from the premiere.  While the release date may be pending one thing is for sure…she’s got the world wrapped around her gloved little fingers…


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