Fabulous Glitter or a Hot Mess? Roberto Cavalli’s Stunning Jeans

Ok, so while I was on a magical quest to find an awesome pair of flare jeans on Saks Fifth Avenue (one of my favorite websites, if you hadn’t noticed) I stumbled upon……these.  

At first, I was a little repulsed. It looked like somebody accidentally spilled golden glitter on a pair of gray jeans and then decided to sell them because they thought that the jeans were too strange and/or ugly to wear.  However, on second thought, they seemed very fitting for a rockstar, and I could guarantee you that both Mick Jagger AND Steven Tyler are thin and trim enough to fit into these ladies’ jeans. Perhaps Ke$ha might like them.

Personally, I think that they might be cool if you are going out to a party, but they are way to glitzy for daily use.

What say you? Are these Roberto Cavalli jeans awesome or too trashy?

Decide for yourself at:



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