Maroon 5’s got the moves like Jagger! (and so does Train) – a concert review


If you could hear my broken, raspy, voice, you might understand how incredible the Maroon 5/Train concert was last Saturday. But I suppose that because you can’t hear me, I’ll have to give you a good description: I sound like a 13 year old boy with a bad sore throat. Yeah….

Maybe I didn’t have the best seats, but that problem was solved when the couple in front of my best friend and I decided not to stand up, giving us a clear views of the stage (thanks, random couple) that was good for taking pictures too. The show’s opening act was supposed to be Gavin Degraw, but he’s apparently hospitalized right now so Maroon 5’s keyboardist came out to play and sing some jazzy/pop-y Stevie Wonder-like music. After that, about a half hour later, the curtain dropped again to reveal the classic Maroon five logo and the whistling tune of “Moves Like Jagger”. The crowd ERUPTED.


Maroon 5-August 13, 2011. Who's got the moves like Jagger?

Maroon 5 played for a solid hour 15 minutes, bouncing from hit to hit, rocking songs from all three of their successful albums. The highlights of the show? Perhaps the gigantic disco ball during “Misery” or the extended version of “Wake Up Call” that includes a good five minutes of nothing but Adam Levine (who is as hot as EVER by the way) and James Valentine jamming on their guitars. Of course, my favorite part of the show was when a sweat covered Adam exclaims “Where are all the ladies at?”  and the audience emits a din of squeals – yet the following question “Where are all the fellas at?” results in a low murmur. Adam laughs and says “Wow, there are like, 34 guys here. But they’re smart, because this is where the chicks are. They may not like Maroon 5, but they like odds.” For an encore, they played “Hands All Over” and a touching performance of “She Will Be Loved” that you could hear the entire audience singing along to. It’s one of those “I love my life!” moments for sure.

After losing my voice and teaching the people behind me how NOT to dance, Train went on and played for about an hour. And although I think Train is a really good band, I don’t own any of their music, so I was reduced to only singing along to their best known hits. Besides the expected performances of “Hey, Soul Sister” and “Drops of Jupiter”, they also played “She’s On Fire”, “Save Me San Francisco” and even a cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella.”


Train-August 13, 2011.

Perhaps the best part about the whole show was that both bands sound exactly like they do on their albums – if not better. Ah, to put faith in those without auto-tune!


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