My Pick of the Week: Haute Red Valentino Couture (and Dior and Yves Saint Laurent too!)

Okay, personally, I think that if yu are going to name your clothing line “Red Valentino”, then all the clothes, should be , um, I don’t know….red? Otherwise, it’s a tad on the misleading side. But I digress….

My picks this week both come from the Red Valentino line, and include two of my favorite things about clothes: ruffles and lace. The first dress, the Virgin Wool and Lace Knit Dress, is a shade of dark navy blue (that is on the verge of black if you look at it in the right lighting) and has long sleeves that are perfect for the impending fall weather. Complete with ruffles on the shoulders and lace on the front, it’s a gift from girly-heaven for $595.00.

A personal favorite! From Saks' website

The other dress is the Ruched Lace Trimmed Dress for $695.00.  What this gray colored dress lacks in bright color, it makes up for in lace. With short, puffy sleeves and a sleek V-neck, this dress takes casual to a whole new level.

Lace galore by Red Valentino! From Saks' website.

Match either dress with Dior’s Lace Peep Toe Platform Pumps for $770.  Want something less girly?  High-heel loafers are in right now – snag a pair from Yves Saint Laurent patent leather wedges for (Gasp!) $1095….. or just borrow a pair from your signifigant other!


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