Fun in a Flash Storm!

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with fashion or art, but rather the art of…making a fool of yourself. If you like posts about people doing stupid and embarrassing things, you are in the right place….

So I’m sitting upstairs, drafting a post, when all of a sudden, I can hear wicked loud rain coming down on the skylights. I know I have windows open in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom AND upstairs, so I run to the closest window to start closing all of them. I find the first window upstairs, and as I start to close it I can’t help but notice that it is beyond raining cats and dogs. More like a end-of-the-world-God-is-coming torrential downpour.  The rain is also falling at this crazy slant meaning that all this water is coming in the house downstairs! Without  even bothering to lock the window, I scramble down the stairs and to the bathroom.

 The window in the bathroom in high on the wall, so I have to reach upwards to pull it down as rain falls directly in my face like I’m in some type of enormous shower.  I then sprint to the bedroom, where two windows are open and a puddle has already formed beneath them (after, like, only thirty seconds of rain). I don’t see the puddle, and I slip on it like an extreme version of slip-and-slide, and I crash into the window, landing in the puddle. Now that I am officially drenched, I crawl on my knees over to the other window, where the is a second puddle, and close it.

Without bothering to clean up the puddle, an adrenaline-pumped me makes a mad dash for the kitchen, closes those windows (no rain came in them, praise God), and rockets back upstairs to where the last window is. I’m flying towards the last window when I realize that there is this gigantic, ugly bug in between me and the window. I jump over it with an intense battle cry that could rival a barbarian and slam the last window shut.   

So to recap, the house is a watery mess, I probably have a few bruises, and my pants are drenched from that puddle.

Thanks, Hurricane Irene :-p


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