Is Adele the new Amy Winehouse?

They say out with the old and in with the new….and the music industry couldn’t have time this exchange any better. As the entire news-watching world knows, Amy Winehouse passed away about a month ago in July. Known for her iconic “bad-girl” look and strong, jazzy voice, Amy Winehouse was not only one of the most talented female musicians in Britain, but also one of the most intriguing.

But that was a month ago, and the world continues to spin. As I had the radio on today, I couldn’t help but hear Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and think of Amy Winehouse. I mean, when you think about it, they are rather similar.

They both:

-are British

-released their first album before they were 20

-didn’t make in big in the U.S. until their second album

-have powerful, strong voices and a style of unique music that you can’t quite put your finger on

– do something cool with their hair. I mean Amy has the beehive, Adele does that bun thing….okay so maybe this one is a stretch….

Anyway, while Adele isn’t the tattoo-covered addict that Amy was, they definitely share some similarities. It’s interesting that while Amy passed away, Adele seemed to be rising to fame.

And, don’t get me wrong – you can never “replace” Amy with anyone. Not even with someone as talented as Adele. But can Adele pick up Amy’s crown and reign as the British powerhouse voice that Amy once was? Well, there’s always the possibility…..


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Reader
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 14:18:28

    First thing that fall on my mind when I read the title was: “No, Adele won’t die from drugs or alcohol” lol. Anyway, good article, I like it. I think she can make it or she almost did.


    • bettymarshall
      Oct 13, 2011 @ 21:22:24

      Thank you! And yes, Adele does not have Amy’s addictive habits, but they do share strong, raw voices. Adele is going to pick up where Amy left off in the British music industry.


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