Battle of the Sweaters! Who Will be this Fall’s Champion?

Now that I have successfully stripped my entire wardrobe of white (it is after Labor Day after all), I have plenty of filler space for fall sweaters. Cuddly, cozy fall sweaters that make me want to rake leaves, eat toasty clam chowder and read Edgar Allen Poe (can you tell that I missed the fall?)

My search for autumn clothes heeded the undoubted result that Burberry has the best fall sweaters this season. My personal favorite was a wine red Tweed Knit Cardigan by Burberry Prorsum. With a chic little collar and ruffles at the bottom of the sweater, this is my favorite piece by far…..but it costs $1495.00. Yeah, right!

Burberry at it's best - for way to much money! From Saks website

So, a had to move my focus to my other favorite….a dark chocolate brown button up sweater by Lafayette 148 New York. What the sweater lacks in vibrant color, it makes up for with its subtle ruffles and side buttons. Oh yeah, and its costs much less than the first pick ($1,197.00 less to be exact). Alright, so I can’t afford that one either.

A little more affordable.... From Saks website

What a cute sweater that won’t suffocate you wallet? Buy a gray and red striped sweater from Target (that’s Tar-zhey the queen of cheap chic) for $35.  Designer? No. Cozy and affordable? YES!!

Target wins for $35! From Target website


My Pick of the Week: Marc Jacobs Fever

Hurry up! Labor day is officially one month away….so cram in all the white clothes that you can! My pick this week is a white Marc Jacobs dress that is perfect for the last lazy days of summer. The Amelie flower dress has ruffled sleeves, an empire waist  with a pleated skirt and is, for once….almost affordable. At $277.99 you can put even your most stylish designers to shame…for 1/10 the price. 

Then, after Labor Day, put on Marc Jacobs again for a dazzling dress perfect for fall. The sleeveless Cecily Long Jersey Dress is a beautiful subtle shade of red, just like the foliage in autumn. Steal it for $298.00 and you just might never need to set eyes on a $1000 outfit again…until next season.

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