My Pick of the Week: Dolce & Gabbana does Leather (and Succeeds!)

Okay, so maybe this is my first “pick of the week” in like, a month, but sadly there is a time to work and a time to blog, but nowadays the work part of my day seems to consume everything else.

Regardless, my pick this week are Dolce & Gabbana’s Leather Lace-Up Wedges. I’ve been eyeing these for months…and I probably will be eyeing them for months to come! They are bold, black, and brutally expensive at $845.00…..ouch.

Wedges never looked so good! from saks website

But I think Carrie Bradshaw (from “Sex and the City”) would be very proud of my taste, don’t you?


Vainity is Nothing New….Just Ask the Romans!

You think that modern society is superficial? Wait until you get a glimpse of life in Pompeii.

Yesterday, I visited the “A Day in Pompeii” exhibit at the Museum of Science in the beautiful city of Boston (which is my favorite place in the world, by the way). This exhibit features artifacts from ancient Roman life circa 79 AD in Pompeii – amazingly, the volcanic eruption that year preserved a plethora of frescoes, furniture, and other items from daily ancient life.

Some of the artifacts on display are what may be considered beauty items of the ancient world. For example, these mirrors, perfume/oil jars, combs, and jewelry show us that being obsessed with one’s outer appearance in not a new concept!

Some (very worn) mirrors from Pompeii

Perfume and Oil Jars


An itty bitty comb, probably the size of my pinky finger!

My favorites - snake armbands! They were found on the skeletons of some young women (Okay, so that's a tad creepy)

Conclusion? Blame the Romans for vanity! (Oh, and they did something else that was really important too….what was it? Oh yeah, the republic. That too 🙂

Missoni for Target: Gone in a Flash…..

Anyone who has ever sacrificed a Saturday evening or perfect summer day to go to work knows how precious money can be. And while fancier, more expensive labels are always tempting to buy, buying real designers labels seems not only impractical, but impossible.

That’s why the entire fashion world completely lost it when Missoni released a line for Target.  The Italian line that has been famous for its signature zigzag pattern (think the line on Charlie Brown’s shirt on steroids) since 1953 released the line September 13, 2011 and sold out almost immediately in most stores. In fact, when I tried to visit the website the day of the debut, I could only get through one in four times- only to find that all of my favorite items were already out of stock.

Despite the news that the  line had sold out, I still made a fashion pilgrimage to the mall that Saturday – four days after the debut. To say that the line was unbelievably picked over would be an understatement. Of the many varieties if dresses, sweaters, skirts, and jackets, only limited amounts of accessories, sleepwear, and children’s clothing remained. While the hysteria over a clothing line may seem foolish, consider this: the Target line sold for much less than it would originally – thousands of dollars less.  A casual dress by Missoni for Target would sell for no more than $75.00, while at Saks Fifth Avenue, a similar Missoni dress fetches a hefty $1475.00. fortunately, I was able to get my hands on a pair of timeless scarves and burette, but I would have died for a sweater or dress.

For anyone who missed the debut of the line, fear not! If you search “Missoni” on eBay, it gives you startling 698 pages of results to look at, most of which are pieces from the Target line – all at an increased price, of course. Oh, the trials and tribulations of cheap chic!

Because Everyone Really Does Need Something to Put Their Credit Cards in……

……and it’s called a wallet. But everyone owns a wallet (really, do you know anyone who doesn’t?). And this establishment frowns upon what is commonplace and usual!

I was at the mall the other day, pouring myself over lots of fancy clothes that I can’t afford, when I spotted the cutest little credit card holder at Brighton.  Credit card holders are a fad that evolved from cigarette holders (think the 50s’ and 60s’ – anyone who watches the TV show Mad Men knows that people back then smoked to the extent that it’s a wonder everyone from that generation hasn’t died from lung cancer yet). But, when smoking suddenly became less popular due to health reasons, cigarette cases went on a diet and became credit card cases. And while the case is a bit of a throwback from 50 years ago, it manages to add some Victorian-era flair to the accessory with the elegant pattern on its cover.

Credit Card Case – $24 at Brighton

For $24.00, it’s not a steal, but it’s not a rip-off either. I guess that’s the price of being different!

You’ve got to be kidding me! Gucci’s ostrich and raccon tail shoulder bag

Um, aren’t there laws against using animal fur in clothing now? Isn’t that why you never see mink coats and scarves anymore? If so, then can someone please explain to me this ostrich and raccoon tail purse by Gucci? I’m a little befuddled by this combination of animals. What does a big, scary bird have anything to do with something that goes through your trash at night? I’m not seeing the connection here……

Smilia Small Ostrich Shoulder Bag.......$2750.00. From Saks Fifth Avenue Website

Regardless, I’m a little creeped  out at the thought of having an animal’s tail dangling from my purse. I tried on my great grandmother’s mink scarf once and I nearly crawled out of my skin from having little baby minks draped around my throat. I’d call it animal cruelty, but I’d be a hippocrite because I love my vintage leather jackets from 1979.

If you just have to spend $2750.00 on a purse, why don’t you just do youself a favor and buy…….well I can’t really suggest anything that expensive because they ALL have some time of animal fur/skin on them. For the love of your wallet (um, and the animals), just buy a Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Flap Wallet ($129.99). It’s classic white, has a Marc Jacobs emblem on the turnlock and….contains no trace of snake skin, crocodile skin, leather, or raccoon tails. Finally!

My Pick of the Week: Chic Purses by Fendi and Kate Spade

Oh, the joys of having  purses. Countless purses. So many purses that your closet is overflowing with them. Yes, opening  the doors of your closet to find purses falling out of every nook and cranny is truly living life to its fullest.

My picks this week are cute purses for everyday use that go with almost anything. The first purse is by Fendi – the Zucca Stamped Mini Chef Shopper Tote (where on EARTH do they come up with these names???). The purse is beyond cute, with a simple floral pattern on a white background. In fact, it would match the Amelie dress by Marc Jacobs dress I wrote about last week.


Fendi Purse – $640. From Saks Fifth Avenue Website 

The second pick is a bit more whimsical – a Kate Spade Farrah Recital Patent Clutch. It’s a long clutch with a timeless piano key print that never goes out of style, no matter what year or season it is.  At $375, it seemed like a steal until I thought about the fact that a bought a similar wallet at the mall for $4 (no joke). Ah well, a girl can dream…..

Kate Spade New York Clutch - $375. From Saks Fifth Avenue Website.

Welcome to the Future: We don’t need models!

I just remembered that I wanted to share this awesome video with you….

My friend from China told me about Burberry’s runway show in Beijing this past April….using holograms as models! They must have prerecorded models walking down the runway and then manipulated them to create a runway presentation. Regardless of how they did it….this is wicked cool! The models magically change clothes in front of your eyes and multiply as they walk down the runway. If that isn’t innovative fashion, I don’t know what is.

I highly recommend looking at this short clip of the runway show….it’s pretty neat!

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