Now Trending :Revenge of the “whatsherface” and Brass Instruments

When most people think of Ke$ha, many messed-up things come to mind: out of control parties, endless drinking, masses of glitter, some unicorns maybe…. But certainly nobody refers to her as that backup singer in Flo Rida’s old hit “Right Round” (which, yes, is a re-make of the similar song “You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record)” by the 80s’ band Dead or Alive because there really are no original ideas anymore).  She took a phenomenal jump to “superstar” from “that random girl.” And, if it could work for someone like Ke$ha, it can work for anyone, right?

That’s why Dev is breaking into the music industry. While the name Dev may mean nothing to you, perhaps the phrase “Like a G6” rings a bell. Yeah, that’s right, she’s “that chic” in singing the refrain for Far East Movement’s first hit.  I guess that anybody can break into the industry now with a few lines in a song and a pretty (though unknown) face. Anyway, Dev’s new song  “In the Dark” brings me to my next music trend – including brass instruments in songs.

Surely you’ve already heard the saxophone gods play in Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” and Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”, but could you hear all the brass in the background of Beyoncé newest hit “Love on Top” that she played at the VMAs? Dev’ song follows suit with a type of “saxophone-like-substitute” that probably came from a synthesizer.

 What do you know? Maybe real music will catch on again!


Fabulous Glitter or a Hot Mess? Roberto Cavalli’s Stunning Jeans

Ok, so while I was on a magical quest to find an awesome pair of flare jeans on Saks Fifth Avenue (one of my favorite websites, if you hadn’t noticed) I stumbled upon……these.  

At first, I was a little repulsed. It looked like somebody accidentally spilled golden glitter on a pair of gray jeans and then decided to sell them because they thought that the jeans were too strange and/or ugly to wear.  However, on second thought, they seemed very fitting for a rockstar, and I could guarantee you that both Mick Jagger AND Steven Tyler are thin and trim enough to fit into these ladies’ jeans. Perhaps Ke$ha might like them.

Personally, I think that they might be cool if you are going out to a party, but they are way to glitzy for daily use.

What say you? Are these Roberto Cavalli jeans awesome or too trashy?

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