My Pick of the Week: Dolce & Gabbana does Leather (and Succeeds!)

Okay, so maybe this is my first “pick of the week” in like, a month, but sadly there is a time to work and a time to blog, but nowadays the work part of my day seems to consume everything else.

Regardless, my pick this week are Dolce & Gabbana’s Leather Lace-Up Wedges. I’ve been eyeing these for months…and I probably will be eyeing them for months to come! They are bold, black, and brutally expensive at $845.00…..ouch.

Wedges never looked so good! from saks website

But I think Carrie Bradshaw (from “Sex and the City”) would be very proud of my taste, don’t you?


My New Mission For Feet-Breaking High Heels!

I’ve got the power – I can sort through shoes online by designer, color, size, price and lifestyle. Sadly, I can’t sort by the height of the heels on the heel-splitting shoes I’m on an epic quest for. Ok, maybe I know in my heart that once I find said shoes that I will never be able to afford them, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

So, what do I consider feet-breaking? I immediatly reject anything under 5 inches, and the higher the better… basically if the shoes don’t scream “I will rip your feet in half!“, I steer away from them.

Lady Gaga was spotted wearing 22-inch platforms the other day, and I was in awe. Unfortuanetly, no such shoes are to be found on The highest heels I could find were platforms with 6 inch heels by Christian Louboutin. At $895.00, the simple shoes just aren’t worth it. While the shoes are tan (and therefore will go with almost anything), they lack the odd pizazz that I am always searching for- no feathers, no lace, no odd patterns….no WOW factor. *Sigh*


So I guess that means I’ll have to settle for a lower heel with more flair. In this case, I believe that this pair Manolo’s will do the trick. They have a class retro style that stands out from other shoes- and while they don’t have the highest heels in the world, I’m not willing to sacrafice personlity for heel height. Ok, so maybe I can’t buy them because they cost $785.00, but I will surely dream about them tonight, along with Alexander McQueen dresses and Gucci handbags.

Much better!

Check out a fellow blogger’s 8-inch heels at

My Pick of the Week: Stella McCartney Pumps + Alexander McQueen Platform Shoes

OK, let’s get this out there right now: I LOVE shoes. Especially high heels. God, do I adore high heels. They may cripple my feet someday when I’m old, but you know what? I don’t care. I refuse to give up my shoe addiction.

This week, I have two picks of the week because I adored two pairs of shoes so much. The first is a two-tone pair of Stella McCarntey pumps. Made from faux patent leather, the 4.5 inch heels are classy and sleek – something you could wear to the office or to the red carpet. The part that fastens around your ankle is a light tan color, while the part around your toes is as black as the night sky. The only flaw? The price tag. Really? For $785 I can’t get them made from real leather? Check them out at 

My other pick is a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes. These are more out-there…but I love them anyway. I think that sometimes the best shoes are the odd, jaw-dropping ones! These shoes have the Lady Gaga-ish style of no heels, but are still held in the shape of a pump style shoe with support at the back of the shoe. They are hard to describe….you can see them at

And only $1050…what a steal (not). Man, I really need to win the lottery…….

Tell me what you think of my picks…I love to hear different opinions on things!